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Top 10 States Where Sellers Are Moving Right Now

Find out which markets are hot and what sellers are looking for in their new hometowns.

According to the 2020 Atlas Van Lines Migrations Patterns Study of 65,000 interstate and cross-border moves, traditional population centers in the US are giving way to areas that put a priority on affordability, home options, and, perhaps most importantly, wide-open spaces with room to roam. Here are the states where everyone will be living next.

Idaho (66.4 percent)

We hear so much about people heading south for warmer weather and increased job opportunities. Therefore, it might come as a surprise that Idaho tops the list of inbound moves according to the Atlas study. This is due to a number of factors, including Idaho’s proximity to California, which made up 57.1% of outbound moves according to the same study.

What Idaho lacks in sunny days and coastline it makes up for in many of the factors that draw in new residents — safety, price, and job opportunities. Here you’ll find a low cost of living and low insurance rates, especially compared to some of its more expensive neighbors. With low unemployment levels, Idaho is a great place to find a job, especially if you’re in the medical or tech field. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, these groups make up the highest-paid employees in the state.

North Carolina (64.6 percent)

It seems that everyone is moving to North Carolina, and with so many great options it’s no wonder. From the big-city living you’ll find in Charlotte to the hipster meccas of Greensboro and Asheville to the Raleigh-Durham Research Triangle, North Carolina offers sophisticated living at a fraction of the price you’ll pay in other states with major metropolitan areas.

Besides educational and job opportunities, North Carolina offers greater affordability than other areas along with plenty of perks. While you’ll experience milder weather throughout much of the year, you’ll still experience four distinct seasons, something that’s missing in many other southern states. In addition, there’s greater diversity and a more international flavor here so newcomers will feel right at home.

Maine (62.4 percent)

Folks are moving to Maine in record numbers, making it tough to find homes to buy or rent in some areas. Why? In large part because of the lower cost of living you’ll find, where even homes with lots of land are going for less than a starter home in other states. In addition, Maine’s emphasis on the natural world and outdoor adventure makes it attractive for young, active residents — especially those who are environmentally conscious and able to work remotely.

New Hampshire (61.6 percent)

Similarly, New Hampshire’s reputation for year-round outdoor beauty and active living options in the area’s ski resorts, lakes, and forests make it an exciting setting for young residents looking to get away from life in the big city. However, there’s still close proximity to major employment hubs throughout the Northeast plus no income or sales tax, contributing to increased affordability.

Alabama (60.8 percent)

Alabama is a popular destination for young professionals and retirees, with residential options ranging from big cities to suburban luxury enclaves to coastal retirement communities. In addition, there’s year-round warm weather without the crowds you’ll find in Florida and Texas. Even without pro sports teams and some of the advantages of nearby Tennessee and Georgia, Alabama’s college football culture and historical sites offer plenty of opportunities for fun and adventure.

District of Columbia (60.2 percent)

The mid-Atlantic region offers exceptional living with mild year-round weather and proximity to major employment hubs. However, its popularity has resulted in long commutes plus skyrocketing home prices and tax rates in Virginia and Maryland. That may be why so many people are flocking to the relatively more affordable DC neighborhoods. Here you’ll find everything from historic homes in Georgetown to new construction condos in newly hip in-town neighborhoods. In addition, Amazon’s investment in the area is bringing in a host of residents who are finding a new hometown in the District.

New Mexico (60.0 percent)

Like Idaho, New Mexico is the new home for many of the California residents fleeing the state. Here you’ll find a combination of residential affordability and plenty of elbow room. Newcomers are also finding lower costs of living and lower housing prices along with a growing job market. On top of all of that, there’s a reason New Mexico is called “The Land of Enchantment” as the state’s many natural beauties continue to enchant newcomers.

Nevada (59.8 percent)

After struggling in the aftermath of the 2008 mortgage crisis, Nevada has rebounded in a big way to become one of the country’s most popular destinations for new residents. Here there are many job opportunities, low taxes, and a lower cost of living than you’ll find in other western states. In addition, you’ll find plenty of room for outdoor activities and plenty of space for new neighborhoods to accommodate all of those incoming residents.

Alaska (58.6 percent)

Speaking of wide-open spaces, Alaska offers some of the world’s most extraordinary outdoor vistas and sporting opportunities. With incentives to offset the cost of moving, lower housing prices, and no state income or sales tax, Alaska offers more affordability than many other places in the Lower 48. In addition, for young people who are looking to live a life of adventure while maintaining their professional options through remote work, Alaska offers an ideal setting.

Kentucky (57.7 percent)

One of the biggest outcomes of the pandemic has been the ability to work from anywhere — a trend that has been accelerated by work-from-home policies from some of the country’s biggest employers. This has been great news for states like Kentucky, which offer lower costs, plenty of space to build or expand, and beautiful outdoor scenery. In addition, the state is home to hip enclaves like Louisville where you’ll find arts, culture, museums, and history alongside craft bourbon distilleries and Churchill Downs, the home of the Derby.

Wherever you’re moving next, a fast and convenient home sale process will make the transition easier. Reach out to us at Offercity for a free, no-obligation evaluation of your property. Let us help you move to your new favorite state on your terms and your timeline. 

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