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Thanksgiving Home Decorating Ideas for Inside and Out

Thanksgiving is too often forgotten when it comes to decorating. Many families put the Halloween and fall decorations away only to quickly replace them with Christmas decor. If you’re hosting the family Thanksgiving feast this year, you may want to consider decking out the home in the appropriate decor to help bring the festive cheer and grateful spirit. 

With some Thanksgiving home decorating ideas for every room, you can turn your home into the perfect fall feast destination for anyone who joins you.

The Walkway

The walkway is the first thing guests tend to see when coming to your home. Line it with fall decorations to let them know they’re in the right place. Add turkey signs in the yard or line each side with lit-up jack-o-lanterns. 

Don’t keep your Halloween-carved pumpkins for the occasion, though. Leave them uncarved except where you want the light to shine through, and paint them in a unique color scheme to match the current holiday. 

A gold-painted pumpkin will gleam in the light. It will look great at night once guests leave as well, bidding them a beautiful farewell from your feast.

The Front Porch

Guests arriving at your home will make their way to the front porch to head inside. Make the area inviting by adorning it with Thanksgiving decor fit for the occasion. 

Start by adding a Thanksgiving wreath to the front of your door. You can find adorable options at various crafting stores or online. A snowman-looking face with a red or orange hat or scarf is a cute choice. It’s even better if phrases such as “give thanks,” “be grateful,” or “Happy Thanksgiving” are found somewhere on it.

Set out a cornucopia that depicts an abundance of good things happening. A goat’s horn filled with flowers, fake fruit, and colorful corn husks makes for an easy decorating idea both inside and out. 

You can also add corn stalks around your doorframe or to pillars to help complete the look of your fall theme. Red, orange, and yellow flowers put in the corners can spruce up your entryway even more.

The Family Room

While everyone is waiting for the meal, they may find themselves gathered in the family room. Decorate it accordingly to help keep the gratefulness of the season at the center of it. 

String an acorn and pinecone garland around the room. Add a Thanksgiving-esque sign to the wall that boasts thankfulness or talks about family. Add leaves around lamp posts or place a cornucopia atop the mantle. 

You could even paint a mason jar white and add the words “Be Thankful” on it, filling the jar with dried wheat sheaves that you either leave as-is or spray paint a golden hue. 

The Bathroom

Don’t forget about the bathroom. Most guests will undoubtedly make their way there if they stay awhile, especially since food and drinks are involved. Add some turkey towels to the rack for drying their hands. 

You could even put up a shower curtain adorned with a turkey or some colorful autumn leaves. A pumpkin soap dispenser or leaf-shaped soap dish would also work wonders for instilling the Thanksgiving spirit

If you really want to go above and beyond in this area, put a Thanksgiving toilet seat cover on your commode. A matching mat on the floor can really help sell the look. Your guests are sure to have a laugh when they walk in and see the newly-decorated facilities. 

The Dining Table

Thanksgiving Place Setting

The dining table is, of course, the center of the event. Thanksgiving focuses on a feast, after all. As your family sits around the table saying what they’re thankful for and enjoys a delicious meal, they can be surrounded by holiday decor perfect for the occasion. 

Gather some leaves from outside and apply an adhesive to the front of them. Apply a gold, metallic foil to them for a bright and shiny decoration that looks great for the season. You can even write each guest’s name on the newly-golden leaves using an oil-based marker. Then, use them as place cards to set your seating. 

This is a great idea if you know Uncle Joe doesn’t always get along with Aunt Jane. Avoid the fighting by keeping them separate with a seating chart.

Add candles to the table surrounded by wreaths made with pinecones, acorns, and red or orange flowers. It makes for a delightful centerpiece. Don’t forget the table runner underneath. Hang a “Give Thanks” banner on the dining room wall. You could even tie strings to every chair with red, yellow, orange, and even white or brown balloons floating behind each guest. Write Thanksgiving-appropriate phrases on them. “Eat until you pop” is a funny option, or something like “pass the rolls.” 

You could also stick with the grateful theme and write “thankful for us” on each one. Otherwise, make every balloon different and fill them with both funny and traditional phrases. 

Don’t forget about the dishes. Now isn’t the time for paper plates, nor your basic dish set. Golden plates make for a pretty place setting when your guests first sit down. Order some golden cutlery to be used as well to help complete the look. Festive and charming options can really spruce up your table and help bring the holiday look together for everyone to enjoy.

Though there aren’t many Thanksgiving songs to help make the season stand out, your home decorating skills can help save the season. Fill every room with fall decor combined with ideas of being grateful and blessed to have your family and friends by your side. 

The Christmas Creep may happen at stores, but it doesn’t have to happen at your house. Let Thanksgiving keep its rightful place for the month of November,  and set up all your Christmas stuff later. There’s plenty of time for the following holiday once your Thanksgiving feast has commenced. For more insight besides Thanksgiving home decorating ideas, contact us at Offercity.

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